How a shirt is born.

The fabrication of cuffs, the finishing of the placket, the two shallow-hole buttons that Mr Angelo, the founder, used in the Fifties, are the details that the quintessential man loves. The hand-made cotton label is innate to the man that wears it, to the search for beauty in small meaning-laden gestures.

The Creativity of design:
the textbook textile chemistry which
finds expression in three-dimensional

The innovation of prime materials:
Japanese flannel worked on 19th century looms, fil coupé and historical jacquard.

The personalisation of every detail,
which delves into the past to bring it to the threshold of vanguard technology.

The craftsmanship of our employees:
bone buttons tinted with tea.

The Story of Brand

1954. The year the founders’ adventure begin. An era symbol of a timeless elegance, of the cult of a sophistication intrinsic in gestures and customs.
A retro look, an attitude in search of beauty that fully corresponds to the nature of the man reflecting the brand, globetrotter with a penchant for enjoying life by focussing on the images and passions of everyday life.